If you have a kitchen that is broken up by several smaller rooms separated by walls, these kitchen layout plans might interest you. There are a lot of different ways to improve this type of old-fashioned kitchen design.


Easy Kitchen Layout Plans

The best way to improve the kind of kitchen design we mentioned above is to build an island-based kitchen layout. This can be a center countertop that will divide our kitchen into at least five pocket areas, minus the walls. This will create the illusion of a bigger kitchen. There will be more elbow room and this matters especially in an area of the house that we spend a lot of time in.


Kitchen Layout Plans: Dividing By Tearing Down Walls

Tearing the walls down will give us a bigger area to work around. A good kitchen design layout allows us to be at arm’s distance from anything that we need in relation to cooking and food preparation. When we, homemakers, are working in our precious kitchens, we definitely don’t want to go out of the area just to get something. In cooking, time is always of the essence so we need items to be easily reached at all times.


Creating A Center Island

A center countertop will be a great addition to our kitchen. Once walls have been torn down, the most ideal design is to put up an island-based layout. A of work and other activities can be done when utilizing the center countertop.

It can serve as a tabletop to eat breakfast in. Food preparation is made easy if we do the chore by the center tabletop. The center island area will have to be accessible from the kitchen sink, the cupboard, the refrigerator, and the gas stove, among others.


Positioning Of The Other Kitchen Accessories

The strategic positioning of the other items in the kitchen is the key to a successful layout design. The main function of a kitchen is to cook so one of the most important appliances is the gas stove. It has to be placed in a separate niche. Position the stove away from the dishwashing area, sink, and from the seating area.

The ref can be placed at the opposite side of the stove, with the microwave. We have to make them accessible during food preparation and when any of the members of the family wants to have quick snacks. The pantry should also be conveniently near the island countertop.



No Need To Purchase New Items

Kitchen Layout IdeasReinventing the kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean we have to purchase new appliances. If we can still work with the existing ones then it will be wiser. In addition to building a center countertop, we can also do a little repainting job on the cabinets and the pantry. Introducing a new color scheme can be a great idea or if tiles need replacements then we can do that, too.

Redefining and reinventing any room in our homes need a lot discussing and planning with the whole family. We always have to go keep in mind the main purpose of each room so that we can maximize its purpose without compromising the style and design. It always pays to have kitchen layout plans on hand.

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