You don’t have to be a kitchen layout planner to be able to get your desired kitchen design. Well, maybe some help can do the trick – or maybe even some research. If you’re planning to renovate your home, get a new house or open up a restaurant; then it would be a wise thing to look through designs for the kitchen area. I know so many people who have stunning kitchen designs. Even my own sister dreams to have the perfect kitchen. As a culinary student in the past, I’ve seen through the designs of kitchens and each of these designs can appeal to different types of cooks.


Looking For A Kitchen Layout Planner? Know Your Designs First!

The U shape design is, as it states, is a kitchen that is created in the shape of a U. This is one of the most common designs one can find in some kitchens. It gives you an efficient work space and all depending on the size of your kitchen, is perfect for two cooks. This is perfect if you’re living in with one culinary lover who likes to fiddle around the kitchen area to make a meal. Now that I think about it, it’s perfect for chef couples who like to work together and because of its open design, it discourages any traffic that might occur during food preparation.


The L Shaped Layout

The L Shape kitchen layout, just like the U shape kitchen layout suggests that the design is in a shape of an L. This goes well with open floor plans and small spaces which can go very well with people who own a smaller sized home. This is of course, one of the many common designs you can find in a small apartment. A table in the middle would be a good addition as well, as you can work on cutting or preparing your food at the designated area, or maybe even sit down for a while to watch over your meal.


The G Shaped Layout

The G shaped layout is [no surprise here] in the shape of a G and just like the U shaped layout, makes it an efficient working area for cooks. You even have a space where your fellow cooks whom have done their part, can sit back and watch or relax. The counter that is designed in this layout can be perfect for presenting your dish, however, if you’re slightly claustrophobic and desire a bigger working area then perhaps this isn’t the right design for you to have.


Get A Kitchen Layout Planner, Or Find Plans Online

Kitchen Layout IdeasMy top favorites would be the galley design and the one wall or straight kitchen design which makes it easier for a single cook to work. There’s lots of space for you to move around and because the layout is simple, cooking and preparing is made easier for the person in charge of the meal. There would be less of a crowd when you’re working and moving from one station to another wouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t take a kitchen layout planner to get these layouts down on the table for you to choose as you can find these designs online, ready for you to have a look.

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