Finding small kitchen layout ideas is not that difficult because there are a lot of websites today that offer various design ideas for any types of kitchen sizes. In this simple read, we aim to give you a few more insights on how you can improve your kitchen.


Knowing The Kitchen’s Functionalities

When creating a layout design for the kitchen, it is important that we properly recognize the important functions of the kitchen.

  • Food preparation and actual cooking – kitchen staples are the microwave, stove/range, and the countertop.
  • Cleaning area – the dishwasher and the sink are the most notable items.
  • Storage – the refrigerator and the pantry are the most important items.

Making sure that the kitchen layout revolves around these three important functions is imperative.


Small Kitchen Layout Ideas: Free The Area From Clutter

A smaller kitchen will greatly benefit from being clutter-free. The layout design should be based on the premise to make the kitchen look organized providing a more convenient stay in the kitchen.

How can this be done? One of the most practical things to do is choose the appliances wisely. When we are dealing with a small kitchen, the size of the appliances matter – we don’t want a huge gas range in our small kitchen because it will definitely take too much space. The key is in finding the right sized items and strategically positioning them.


Small Kitchen Layout Ideas

A smaller kitchen does not mean compromising on design. Here are some of the most recommended layout designs that would be great for smaller kitchens:

  • L-Shaped Layout

This is considered to be the most compact design for smaller kitchens. The appliances are aligned the way that the letter L is shaped to create a larger working and walking space. Items are positioned against the walls.

  • U-Shaped Layout

The kitchen triangle components – sink, stove, refrigerator – are arranged in the shape of the U. This type of design layout provides bigger space for countertops. Some designs make use of a cabinet to double as a breakfast/snack nook.

  • The Built-ins

Smaller kitchens will benefit with this kind of design. Cabinets are built to house the refrigerator and the microwave to open up the space. These areas will be aligned with the pantry cabinet and the sink area. A smaller center island countertop can be provided as well, with built-in cabinets underneath to serve as storage of the chinaware, smaller appliances, among others. Incorporating smaller cooking range footnote can also help.

  • The Pull-outs

This is a variation of the built-ins and is used in most contemporary homes. It keeps the clutter inside and the design is stylish because we gain access to the cabinets by pulling them out. This is perfect for smaller apartments and homes. It gives a more open and cleaner feel.



Kitchen Layout IdeasA smaller kitchen is not limiting in terms of design and style. We can still have an elegantly-styled area without compromising the functionality of the kitchen. The layout will depend on how our kitchen is constructed. We hope that you have learned a thing or two from these small kitchen layout ideas.

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