kitchen_recessed_lighting_spacingI’ve been coveting recessed lighting in our kitchen for years. Yes, really, I go to other people’s houses and I see their brightly lit countertops and I go home and dream that one day I shall be able to read the back of the macaroni box and know how long to cook my macaroni without carrying it over by the lamp.

In anticipation of the great day arriving when we too shall have recessed lights in our kitchen, I’ve been reading up on how to choose the spacing and fixtures. Here’s what I’ve found.

You should look for light that is broad, white, diffused, and bright. You should choose the right placement and spacing for the recessed light. Er….. but WHAT is the right spacing you say, that’s what you are still trying to figure out.

Here are some guidelines to follow regarding spacing of kitchen recessed light.

– Space the lights every 3′ to 4′ to evenly illuminate the counter top. Center the lights over islands. Counters with cabinets over them should have the lights centered over the edge of the counter.

– To adequately illuminate a kitchen with incandescent bulbs, you should allow about three watts per square foot. Take the square area of a room and multiply by three to determine the total wattage of incandescent bulbs needed.

– Avoid recessed lighting fixtures placed too close together or in rows down the center of the room. This type of installation can have the look of an airport runway.

– Match the size of your recessed lighting fixtures to how close together they can be installed. The common rule is that 4-inch fixtures should generally be placed at least 4 feet apart and 6-inch fixtures about 6 feet apart.

If you want tips on actually installing recessed lighting in your kitchen, then I’m not the girl to give advice. However, here’s a video that offers pointers:

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