During my years in culinary school, I’ve learned that the galley kitchen layout has got to be the best design there is to the kitchen. You see, some people might not know it – especially those who aren’t that interested in interior design or in cooking; but the kitchen has many designs that people can choose from. Each design can suit the person’s liking in many different ways. You know how people have different tastes? This pretty much sums it all up. The same can apply to your kitchen layout. But why do a number of people prefer the galley layout amongst the other layouts presented? Well, here are the reasons why:


It’s A Battlefield!

First of all, I think we all know just how dangerous the kitchen can be. This is where people can often get their cuts, bruises and burns. All the sharp objects are there to begin with. Thus, the old ‘women in the kitchen’ seems like a horribly scary joke now that you think about it. During my days in the kitchen as a culinary student, the galley design has always been my favorite. For one, it isn’t a messy design. You can move around freely and do your work without having problems with bumping into corners.


Galley Kitchen Layout And The Beauty Of It All

The important thing about cooking is to do everything clean, and if you’re in a hurry to finish a meal you have planned to prepare for later. With the galley layout, you can move around freely with no problem. The trick to this it to clean up as you go, just to make sure nothing gets in your way when you’re trying to work. In fact, the galley layout and design is something that even the professional chefs prefer over the rest of the layouts.


The Other Layouts

Galley layouts are well known because of how easy the life of a cook can be while working around it. Unlike the L-shaped or the U shaped layouts – there’s no turning here and there and there’s no getting to the other side of something. The distance to walk around would be limited, all depending on how much space you do have in your kitchen. The wider the space to walk around in, the better! It takes you a lesser amount of time to cook up a meal with the pattern given by the galley layout and this is the perfect design for single cooks.


A Galley Kitchen Layout Will Make Cooking Life Easy

Kitchen Layout IdeasOther designs layout designs for kitchen would be the G-layout, L-Layout, U-Layout and straight layout. The reason why people love the galley design is already obvious: it’s easier to go around, cooking is made faster, you’re danger free – etc. You see, in my experience around kitchens during my culinary days in college, I’ve watched my fellow chef’s-to-be struggle with each other. Someone’s always getting in someone’s way which means that accidents are bound to happen. Plates get broken, soups spill, someone slips – chaos will be ensued if the kitchen design is difficult. The galley kitchen layout is the perfect and probably the easiest to work with.

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