The kitchen layout design landscape has seen a lot of changes through the years. However, when we read magazines dedicated to home styles, the modern contemporary design is making a huge comeback. What is modern contemporary? This article will give you an idea what exactly this design is.


Kitchen Layout Design: Modern Contemporary

Having a contemporary kitchen design does not necessarily mean having the standard rectangular or square-shaped kitchen. A modern contemporary kitchen layout is where most of the countertops are positioned straight p against the wall. However, twists are given to make it more stylish without compromising the functionality of the area.


Kitchen Layout Design: More Elbow Room

A modern contemporary design will provide us with more elbow room to move around. Most homemakers still prefer more breathing space in the kitchen because a lot of work has to be done in there. What we don’t want to be stalled by the very small working area. Building a center island countertop is the best idea because the overall layout design of the kitchen will be loosely based on the position of the center countertop.


The Center Tabletop

The center tabletop will serve a lot of purpose – it is the place to do meal preparation like chopping and slicing and it is ideal for casual diners. This allows more walking space around the area. It will complement the up against the wall position of the kitchen appliances and accessories.

This will also help create a smoother looking kitchen – minus the clutter. The center island countertop can be incorporated with cabinets for added storage. This way, there won’t be any unsightly smaller appliances on parade even when not in use. A de-cluttered kitchen is always a sight to behold, plus, working in a spic and span area is heavenly for many homemakers.


The Elements That Need Consideration

A contemporary kitchen design should imbibe the “less is more” philosophy. Building cabinets to house the refrigerator and the microwave oven would be a great design idea. Built-ins are probably the in thing these days and the design has made quite an impact. This technique will further create more elbow space in the kitchen. This will also free up our countertops. A spacious kitchen is a great place to prepare and cook meals.


Consider The Lights

Kitchen Layout IdeasThe lighting will also have an effect on the overall kitchen design so apart from making sure that the layout is A-okay, we have to make sure that we consider how well lighted or poorly lighted is our kitchen. This is a place where we do meal preparation and cooking, hence we need to make sure that the area has appropriate lighting; not to mention being used as dining alternative. The overall look of the kitchen should be warm and inviting – aside from the great layout design, the lightning should be impeccable.


Chandeliers seem to be outdated for the contemporary modern kitchen. However, modern lighting fixtures might do the trick. Most contractors can assess the area and the preferred design and make recommendations.

The modern contemporary kitchen layout design might just be what you need.

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